Heard It with My Eyes

God is still speaking

Little Girl

You took the stress out of her travel, she said

30 hours from India

You reached for her hand

Held her thumb


You don’t have recognizable words

You gave her all you could without even knowing it

Innocently, she said

She brushed the hair off your face

You didn’t flinch

You let her

You welcomed her, unaware, to your world

Showing her the kingdom of Heaven that only ones like you can

Trapped in the Day

Dear Child,

As a Father, let me speak to you.

You are so shrouded in what you need “to do”

Caught up in the everyday actions

You forget that it is all just a dim reflection

It is all temporary

Written, weaved to tell my story

I’m not asking you to neglect the things of the day

Instead, to look at them in a different way

Find no shame in what others call simple tasks

It is often with these that I can teach you best

Set your mind on things above, child

And whatever you do, do it with thankful love

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